Fernando André


With a potent cinematographic verve, Fernando André is thrilled whenever he has the chance to put it towards a message, a quality that allows him to work very well with publicity films. He’s directed for brands such as Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Bradesco, Latam and Itaipava.

With a strong sense of aesthetic, he melds together narration and composition in films with astounding language and photography, in a tireless search for the scene that with its intensity will conduct the message of each story.

Fernando switched stability in the corporate world to dive into the audiovisual universe. In 2010, he returned to classrooms as a cinema student. Right on the first semester, he achieved an internship filming soccer matches for the Coritiba base team. Though the job was not so artistic, it did not discourage the apprentice. He soon began creating creative and inspiring content for the crowds until he started directing his first films for Grêmio and Fluminense, kickstarting his journey in publicity.