Lô Politi


Lô Politi studied cinema, television and journalism, worked as a producer and assistant director in feature films and short films for 10 years. Since 1998, she has been a movie and advertising film director, as well as screenwritter and producer.

Her first feature film, "JONAS", where she signs directing and screenplay, won the jury's special award at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, participated in more than 20 international festivals, was released in movie theaters in 2016 and is currently in the international catalog of Netflix in 190 countries.

Her second feature film, "SOL", where she also signs directing and screenplay, will be filmed in 2018. She is also in the process of assembly of the documentary about the time of President Dilma Rousseff's departure during the impeachment process, where she signs the direction in partnership with Anna Muylaert and César Charlone.

Lô Politi is an associate producer of "3%", the first Brazilian series produced by Netflix, and screenwriter of “O Nome Dela É Gal", series in 4 episodes about Gal Costa, produced by HBO Brazil.