Luigi Dias


People’s Choice of best Brazilian cartoon artist in Troféu HQ Mix for his published works as cartoonist for “Chiclete com Banana” magazine by cartoonist Angeli, he has worked for over 12 years as an art and creation director of the movie department of DM9DDB.

He has created and produced, alongside photographers Philip Lorca de Corcia and Paulo Vainer, two global campaigns for British American Tabacco. He won awards with “Heart Attacks”, for the Bonjour Paris school of French. Worked with C&A, Terra, Caixa, “GQ”, Philips, Procter&Gamble, Honda, Colorama, Hyundai, among others.

Luigi has a keen sense of art direction, a signature in all his films. In addition, his photography work is consistent. He always orders grilled buttered bread to go with his cappuccino.