Thiago Eva


He’s lived great stories. Never afraid of giving himself into it, taking risks, facing change or transforming himself. He’s passionate for life. Maybe that’s why he fell in love for the art of telling other stories, no matter where they come from.

With a curious look, he searches for innovation. A sharp perspective that aims for a differentiated aesthetic. An innovative look, with technical and post-production experience. A daring look that made him head many of the main works in agencies and production companies in the market.

He’s directed for Conspiração, Bossa Nova, Margarida, Bistro, Academia de Filmes, Ça Va, among others. He’s done jobs for TIM, Pepsi, Itaú, Lux, Mitisubish, GM, Danone and many others. He’s directed great actors and actresses. He’s developed content projects in multiple genres. He’s directed various music videos of renown artists, with visual language and innovative narratives.

Devotion is his pre-requisite.
Restlessness is his process.
Passion is his result.