Eu te Dedico

Arte 1

Currently being produced.

Directed by: Fernanda Weinfeld

Literature - food for the imagination - allows us to momentarily flee from our reality. With it we live other lives, build relationships with other people and dream other people’s dreams.

But when we close the book, we realize that distant and sometimes far-fetched world is also our world and we realize that those characters are more like us than we might suppose. So, we often have the desire to share it and gifting someone with a book becomes common practice, bringing with it the potential for a dedication.

In a handwritten text in the second or third page of the book, we communicate our wishes for the reader. Traces of our relationship, descriptions of episodes of a shared life, farewells or even a declaration of love ... words to seal the co-existence into the same imaginary world, built collectively in this love triangle between the author of the book, the author of the dedication and the recipiente of the dedication.

That's exactly the idea of literature as a connector of worlds and people that will be explored in the series "Eu Te Dedico". In each episode, a dedication is presented and, from the statements of the two ends of this handwriteen text we dive into the book and its author, exploring its innuendos and providing the viewer with an irresistible urge to read that book right after turning off the TV.