Natália - 2nd season

TV Brasil / Universal Channel

Premiere 21/2, at 9:15 pm on TV Brasil, and 2/3 at 8:00 pm on the Universal Channel.

After making international success as a model, Natália invests in a new career and comes to Brazil to launch a collection designed by herself alongside a large retail network. During a press conference for the launch of the partnership, however, a reporter embarrasses everyone, exposing the relationship of Natalia's father – and herself – with a misappropriation of the NGO Mais Uma Chance, in which Marcelino is a partner. The scandal causes the retailer to give up the partnership with Natalia, who is desolate.

Against all odds, Ingrid, Otávio's wife, a daring businesswoman, proposes society to Natalia. In addition to seeing a real chance for profit, Ingrid realizes that Natalia's presence in Brazil may interfere with her marriage and wants to keep the rival close. Together with Ingrid, Glória and Octavio, Natalia opens a clothing store, but will have to learn how to manage the life of fashion designer while dealing with her father in prison and with her love for Otávio.

Angela Peres – Natália
Claudio Lins – Otávio
Leona Cavalli – Ingrid
Maurício Branco – Glória
Guti Fraga – Marcelino
Michelly Campos – Daiana
Wagner Santisteban – Anderson
Karen Junqueira – Vivienny
Hugo Bonemer – Theo Villaça Jr.

Created by: Patricia Corso e André Pellenz
General direction André Pellenz
Directed by: André Pellenz e Vinicius Reis
Final Script Patrícia Corso
Script: Patrícia Corso, Marton Olympio, Ana Reber e Clara Deák