Ocupação Mauá

Tadeu Jungle

Documentary of a short film realized in Virtual Reality on the Mauá Occupation in São Paulo. The film takes us to know the people and to visit the place where they live, within an occupation with 11 years of existence. Small spaces where a whole house can fit, the manual of rules of coexistence, the parties and the clean-up joint, reveal to us the efficient process of self-management that prevails in the community. The film reveals that the process of occupying itself, effected by the movements of the homeless, approaches the method of civil disobedience employed by Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. From the same director of VRs "River of Mud" and "Fire in the Forest".

Production: Junglebee
Support: Film Academy
Direction and Screenplay: Tadeu Jungle
Producers: Marcos Nisti, Rawlinson Terrabuio and Tadeu Jungle
Executive Producer: Fernando Chiari
Set Producer: Thaís Gregório
Base Producer: Duda Maruj
Assistant Director: Rafael Baliu
Photography: Raul Carielo
Editing: Jean Battistini, AMC